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    “ … In that part of the field where the Topers fertilizer has been made the yield was 45-46 tonnes and 100pcs of potatoes in a bush. But as soon as non treated area started, the yield has fallen to 36-37 tonnes and 60-70pcs … ”

    Zavertalyk Vladimir Filimonovich
    The Head of Dnepropetrovsk experimental station
    of  The Institute of Vegetables and Melons
    Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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    “ … One time I had sowed a wheat after sunflower. Without any rain it had stayed for winter very weak. I wanted to recultivate with a disk harrow in spring but then I have remembered about the complex fertilizer “Topers”. In two weeks the wheat has been distinguished a lot. I am a farmer for 25 years already and it was the first time I have received the wheat of the second class … ”

    Galchenko Grigory
    A Farmer

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    “ … We have processed all wheat crops with Topers complex fertilizer twice and the results are plain to see. We have received whole 2nd-3rd grade despite the fact that we couldn’t put fertilizers in autumn and have put only by 80kg of “cam” in spring. I would like to say thank you for the “Topers”, now we will work only with it! … ”  

    Perebiynis Andrey LeonidovichThe
    Head of Farming Enterprise “Vremia”

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    “ …  Thanks to Topers mineral fertilizers we started to get good profit. The effect of application appears in second day after the treatment, the plants become green and delight for the eye. We have received by 40 hundredweight of wheat without fertilizers using only Topers  … ”

    Ustenko Tatyana Viktorovna
    A Grower

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    “ …  I use the complex mineral fertilizers “Topers” and recommend it to everyone.  “Topers”  is super … ”


    Gergel Nikolay Ivanovich
    A Farmer

Mineral fertilizer

marker_shadowTOPERS is a new water-soluble mineral complex fertilizer produced from organic substances of natural origin by electrolytic dissociation and ionization of the basic solution. Basic solution of TOPERS is a concentrate which contains water soluble nitrogen compounds in the form of ammonium nitrate, carbamide, phosphorus – mono- substituted phosphoric acid residue and potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and microelements in ionic form. The working solution has proved its effectiveness by experience and laboratory researches, and it is recommended for use as the basic fertilizer for the fields, gardens, greenhouses and smallholdings. The concentration of nutrients in the basic solution is bioecological composition and it provides quantitative levels corresponding to natural needs of vegetative green plants. Fertilizer is used for foliar feeding of plants during vegetation by spraying on vegetative mass in certain phases of development of the plant organism.

Mineralnye-udobrenijaTOPERS working solution is prepared by diluting the basic TOPERS concentrate solution in pure water at a ratio of components of 1: 100. The resulting 1% working solution is used for foliar treatment of the green mass of growing plants in the early stages of development according to the technology of cultivation of a particular crop. The average dose for a single working solution foliar treatment of vegetative field crops is 200-400 liters per hectare. In the processing of plants grown in greenhouse conditions, the dose is adjusted depending on the area which the plant is occupied.

Application technology of TOPERS working solution in the field involves the use of modern models of sprayers for operation with tramline. Technical indicators of modern sprayers allow to process plants at height of 0.5 up to 2.5 meters even in dark time using led light. With working width up to 40 m and more than 12,000 liters solution’s capacity of the tank it makes possible continuous processing of crops on an area of 60 hectares.

marker_shadowProcessing of vegetative plants with TOPERS working solution is carried out depending on the specific features of the culture and the passage of the individual phenological phases during the growing season.

It must be remembered that the rate of use of the TOPERS working solution (1%) is 200-400 liters per hectare for each processing of crops.

Adjustment of norm within 200-400 liters depends on the general condition of the plants in crops. Conditions are determined by an expert – the agrochemist through foliar diagnostics of vegetative organs.

Tolerable nutritional status needs 400 liters, good – 300 liters, excellent – 200 liters per hectare.