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    “ … In that part of the field where the Topers fertilizer has been made the yield was 45-46 tonnes and 100pcs of potatoes in a bush. But as soon as non treated area started, the yield has fallen to 36-37 tonnes and 60-70pcs … ”

    Zavertalyk Vladimir Filimonovich
    The Head of Dnepropetrovsk experimental station
    of  The Institute of Vegetables and Melons
    Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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    “ … One time I had sowed a wheat after sunflower. Without any rain it had stayed for winter very weak. I wanted to recultivate with a disk harrow in spring but then I have remembered about the complex fertilizer “Topers”. In two weeks the wheat has been distinguished a lot. I am a farmer for 25 years already and it was the first time I have received the wheat of the second class … ”

    Galchenko Grigory
    A Farmer

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    “ … We have processed all wheat crops with Topers complex fertilizer twice and the results are plain to see. We have received whole 2nd-3rd grade despite the fact that we couldn’t put fertilizers in autumn and have put only by 80kg of “cam” in spring. I would like to say thank you for the “Topers”, now we will work only with it! … ”  

    Perebiynis Andrey LeonidovichThe
    Head of Farming Enterprise “Vremia”

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    “ …  Thanks to Topers mineral fertilizers we started to get good profit. The effect of application appears in second day after the treatment, the plants become green and delight for the eye. We have received by 40 hundredweight of wheat without fertilizers using only Topers  … ”

    Ustenko Tatyana Viktorovna
    A Grower

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    “ …  I use the complex mineral fertilizers “Topers” and recommend it to everyone.  “Topers”  is super … ”


    Gergel Nikolay Ivanovich
    A Farmer

Mineral fertilizers – irreplaceable means for agrochemical optimization

It is very difficult to imagine modern Agriculture without chemical  measures  using. It is possible to obtain high yield of plants production only in the case of modern agrochemical actions using according to physiological legislation in aspects of energy and materials saving. From this point of view we can  to provide additional quantity of agricultural production  by means of  ecological safe chemicals which include first of all mineral fertilizers using.

Scientific service of mineral fertilizers dressing  provides agronomical chemistry (agrochemistry) by means of  using and interpretation of information from such background complex sciences as plant physiology, soil science, plant biochemistry and microbiology. Such methodological approach allows  to determine significantly the nature of studying phenomena and its possibility for implementation in the  practice of  agriculture.mineral fertilizers

Modern stage of chemistry  applying  in  agriculture  in the context of agronomical chemistry research development requires  informational fullness of the main objects of researching  and processes characteristic which occur in the system “Soil – Plant  –  Fertilizer”  taking in account the environmental status. From this point of view it is possible to determine agronomical chemistry as complex discipline which creates a lot of ways for directed searching and new scientific knowledge obtaining with its  next  direct using  in practice of  crops production. As confirmation of above mentioned can be used  well known expression of famous  scientist  Professor K.A.Tymyriasev  “…Agriculture has achieved  modern level only due to agronomical chemistry and plant physiology development…”.

It is necessary to keep in view that the main goal of fertilizers applying, according to the  modern imaginations, is regulation on the  cell level of biochemical processes in the direction of  metabolic reactions active optimization  for the creating in plants biologically important chemical compounds. In this context mineral fertilizers are very important for culture plants optimization especially in non satisfactory soil climatic conditions.  These chemical compounds, which have in its composition very important chemical elements for plants nutrition, create optimal biogeochemical conditions for high quality crops yield obtaining  in the soils, where it is not possible to obtain desired yield level only at the expense of soil natural fertility.

It is very important to note that at last time in separate “scientific” circles and in some commercial means of public information  concept  of mineral fertilizers using is criticizing in connection with distribution of concepts  so called “organic agriculture” which do not foresee mineral fertilizers applying in common. It is recommended to apply only organic fertilizers as natural organic compounds which have been composed in the result of natural metabolic processes out of chemical synthesis.

mineral fertilizers ToppersEvaluating this concept from the world agronomical science achievements point  of view we have all reasons to confirm clean commercial grounds of such “organic agriculture” propaganda . The main goal of this  action is directed to highest profit achieving at the expense of very high prices of so called “organic clean production”.

It is necessary to understand and to underline once more that Agriculture  can’t   be nonorganic because in the base of agricultural production obtaining is biological object – Green Plant – living organism. Studying of  functions and structure of this organism is the main goal of  wide circle of  biological sciences. The results of  these fundamental investigations show clearly that applying of mineral fertilizers promotes, first of all,  normal executing on the cells level of physiological and biochemical processes which provide development and biological productivity of Agroecosystem in different ecological conditions.

Theoretical basis of fertilizers applying is possibility of green plants to absorb nutrients in the ionic forms due to ions changing processes which occur on cells membranes dividing environment and concrete plants cell. Other speaking, the main condition of  fertilizer action is presence in soil solution nutrients in ionic forms (cations and anions) which have possibility to penetrate  cells membranes at the expense of exchanging  with hydrogen and bicarbonate  ions which are forming in the process of plants  respiration.

As to existing of thesis about “soil poisoning “ by mineral fertilizers it is necessary to remember  that even using of  very modern useful  means it  is possible to promote very significant harm and damage. The main reason here is not harmful of  some substances or technologies, but absence of  basic  knowledge and minimal professional level which does not allow to find solutions for very simple practical questions.

Great experience of world agriculture from Liebich  and Bussengo up to today’s time shows that there is no alternative to mineral fertilizers using for agoecosystem optimization. This point is clear confirmation of plants mineral nutrition theory  that allows to create theoretical and practical background for successful mineral  fertilizers applying.

As to using of  organic  fertilizers , what  present  different organic byproducts for applying in soil, these compounds have very limited distribution due to significant negative properties.

First of all it is necessary to point very low content of practically all nutrients which are indispensible for green plants in the process of growth and development. Especially it relates to such important chemical components of mineral nutrition as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Concentration of these elements in organic fertilizers does not exceed usually 2,0 – 2,5 percents to dry weight of common mass. Moreover,  two first elements (N and P) occur almost completely in organic compounds which are not readily available for plant roots system. As to ionic potassium, this nutritional  element is in absorbed status on soil colloidal particles or fixed  in non exchangeable form in crystal lattices of soil clay minerals.

If we will try to evaluate such secondary organic materials as manure from different origin, poultry dropping, green manure etc. as sources of plants mineral nutrition,  it will have been understood that to observe its positive action as fertilizers will be possible in time only after organic matter mineralization and  ionic potassium defixation. These processes require a lot of time and we can obtain significant positive action of above mentioned organic fertilizers only in second or third year after applying in soil under deep plowing  in the quantity of 20 – 30 tons per hectare  with enough good decomposed organic matter.

Besides that it is necessary to point separately the significant difficulties which occur under organic fertilizers accumulation, storage, transportation and applying in soil. The main reasons of such difficulties are very high moisture of such organic materials, presence of pathogenic microorganisms and seeds of weeds. To remove these difficulties it is possible under the presence of special storage conditions and  professional  observation  on its. The quality of organic fertilizers after storage depends on the rate of organic matter decomposition and its moisture. To transport moist material, to try distribute it on the soil surface and immediately to plow in it in the depth of 20-30 cm – all these operations require not only material and  physical expenditures but  enough long time under the local limitation and significant financial spending.

In the connection with above mentioned there are no doubts in using of  agriculture agrochemical  service  modern specific where using of mineral fertilizers takes the main place in the optimization of plants  bioproductive process. It is very important to point separately that at the last time  great attention is paid to the  top (foliage) dressing  of mineral fertilizers in liquid form as more effective and economic direction for plants production  quantity and quality.

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