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    “ … In that part of the field where the Topers fertilizer has been made the yield was 45-46 tonnes and 100pcs of potatoes in a bush. But as soon as non treated area started, the yield has fallen to 36-37 tonnes and 60-70pcs … ”

    Zavertalyk Vladimir Filimonovich
    The Head of Dnepropetrovsk experimental station
    of  The Institute of Vegetables and Melons
    Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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    “ … One time I had sowed a wheat after sunflower. Without any rain it had stayed for winter very weak. I wanted to recultivate with a disk harrow in spring but then I have remembered about the complex fertilizer “Topers”. In two weeks the wheat has been distinguished a lot. I am a farmer for 25 years already and it was the first time I have received the wheat of the second class … ”

    Galchenko Grigory
    A Farmer

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    “ … We have processed all wheat crops with Topers complex fertilizer twice and the results are plain to see. We have received whole 2nd-3rd grade despite the fact that we couldn’t put fertilizers in autumn and have put only by 80kg of “cam” in spring. I would like to say thank you for the “Topers”, now we will work only with it! … ”  

    Perebiynis Andrey LeonidovichThe
    Head of Farming Enterprise “Vremia”

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    “ …  Thanks to Topers mineral fertilizers we started to get good profit. The effect of application appears in second day after the treatment, the plants become green and delight for the eye. We have received by 40 hundredweight of wheat without fertilizers using only Topers  … ”

    Ustenko Tatyana Viktorovna
    A Grower

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    “ …  I use the complex mineral fertilizers “Topers” and recommend it to everyone.  “Topers”  is super … ”


    Gergel Nikolay Ivanovich
    A Farmer

Activated organic product “TOPERS” – complex water soluble fertilizer

fertilizer topersLLC “ TOPERS UKRAINE” (Ukraine ) has developed and provided a completely new kind  of 100%  fertilizers readily available for uptake by crops, as well as a new method of activating organic  waste materials (of cattle, poultry, sheep, etc.), the accumulation of which today in many countries leads to environmental pollution and causes a number of different diseases.

This explanatory description  is submitted for familiarization with the patented invention dealing with the activated organic substances, obtaining  water soluble complex  fertilizer TOPERS with a high (till 98%) nutrients  availability  coefficient in easily accessible forms for plants.

The main goal of TOPERS  fertilizer  using is plant nutrition process improvement by means of top vegetative parts of plants dressing during concrete phenological phases for separate crops. The positive actions  of nutrients realizes due to possibility of green parts of plants to uptake indispensible chemical elements in ionic forms through the cells membranes passing  almost without any losses. In opposite, the uptake of nutrients by plants from mineral fertilizers which have been applied in soil, are 30-40 per cent for nitrogen, 10-15 per cent for phosphorus and potassium from common quantity of applied nutrients. It is very important that in the case of TOPERS using it is possible to say about new perspective direction in plants nutrition optimization using nanobiotechnology methods and approaches which can be characterized as part of new science called Nanoagronomy.  

Moreover, the production of organic food is becoming increasingly topical in modern conditions. At the same time, the problems of utilization of waste materials, especially those dealing with large-scale production of meat, milk, eggs, and so on are solved ineffectively enough for the moment. Storage and use of organic animal waste materials are costly and deal with high environmental stress and deteriorating sanitary conditions in places of accumulation.

Process of TOPERS production includes the working up and activating   of natural organic matter (dung, manure, poultry dropping etc.) by means of pressing, electrolytic dissociation  and active  ionization of obtained solution  in the presence of complex agents (Patent of Ukraine №87003).  In the results of these operations we  obtain unique  activated natural organic product TOPERS which can be used as complex water soluble  fertilizer for foliage dressing.

Obtained Basic Solution (TOPERS Concentrate) consist of different chemical compounds and separate chemical  elements which are essential nutrients for plants  growing  providing formation  of such  indispensable organic compounds in plant tissue  as proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids, adenosine phosphates, chlorophyll etc.   These elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur   and trace elements in available for plants active  ionic  forms.  Due to such  ions  very high activity it is observed sharp positive effect on green plants development  under the TOPERS  working solution foliage dressing.

Concentrations  of organic compounds and indispensible  nutrients in “TOPERS Concentrate” completely provide the bioecological needs of growing plants in natural conditions, i.e.  average content of common nitrogen is 4,0%, common phosphorus – 2,7%, common potassium – 13,5% to the dry plant material. Besides that “TOPERS Concentrate” contains average content of  CaO – 1,3%, MgO – 0,5%, sulfate ions – 5,2%  to the dry plant material and micro quantities of trace elements with the presence of humic and fulvo acids.

Obligatory conditions of TOPERS applying are using of working solution, which can be prepared in the way of “TOPERS Concentrate” dilution. This operation includes dilution of “TOPERS Concentrate” in clean water (desirably without high concentrations of soluble mineral salts) in the proportion of 1:100, i.e. 1 liter of concentrate per 100 liters of working solution.

Concentration of “TOPERS Concentrate” in this working solution (1%) gives possibility to provide “soft” vegetative plants top dressing without any damage of plants tissue with very intensive stimulation of important living processes due to nano level  influence of active ionic nutrients. First of all it is observed increasing of such energy saving and accumulation processes as photosynthesis and respiration. These processes, especially respiration,  provide, in turn, increasing of cells membranes penetration  for active nutrient  ions which takes place especially in the dark period of the day. That is why it is recommended to use TOPERS working solution applying in the night or in the early morning or in the late evening.

The rates of TOPERS working solution using in field conditions are 200-400 liters per hectare. The applying of working solution  is executed by means of special spraying devices moving in technological ruts. The time of dressing is determined by specialists for different phases of plants development depending on crops growing technologies and soil climatic conditions.

It is necessary to note separately that TOPERS can be used in the conditions of greenhouse cropping, artificial roots living spaces using, dropping irrigation, hydroponic growing etc. In such cases the rate of TOPERS working solution using depends on common square under the plants which have to be processed. In the cases of plants growing in plots TOPERS working solution  using  separately for concrete plant depending on the  aims of cultivating.

TOPERS is very flexible fertilizer. It’s using allows to obtain  high profit under very negligible common expenditures.  It is possible to prepare specific TOPERS fertilizer for different crops such as sugar beet, potatoes, sun flower, legumes, winter cereals and others. Field experiments , which has been provided in different soil and climatic zones of Ukraine, showed significant increasing of crops yields under the influence of TOPERS using (20-30% in comparison with check plots). Except that applying of TOPERS is  accompanied  by clean growth activation and frost resistance effect.

It is very important to underline the specialties of TOPERS activated organic product obtaining. To execute  the process and to excrete nutrients in the solution from manure mass  by using the methods of pressing  (dividing organic mass in solid and liquid fractions in the ratio of 75 to 25 ) and  electrolytic dissociation of organic compounds solutions  in the presence of low molecular weight organic compounds is proposed.  Under the influence of low-voltage (0 to 36V), and relatively  high-ampere (0 to 80A) constant current and in the presence of a catalyst  (a low molecular weight organic substance), the molecular compounds which are in organic waste,  dissociate into ions of different chemical nutritional  elements and interact with each other forming  nano solution with high level of active  ionization. By adding of organic stabilizers (sugar, polysaccharides, etc.) to the above active electrolytic ionized mixture, it is possible to achieve strong stabilization of obtained solution of fertilizer TOPERS in the quantity of  250 liters of high quality liquid  complex fertilizer from 1 ton of common manure mass.

Due to specific of primary  initial material, specialties of voltage, amperage, composition of the low molecular organic compound (the catalyst), its volume, the amount and composition of a stabilizer and exposition (time of constant electric current influence) at a certain temperature of so-called electrolytic concentrates, we provide the successful obtaining of activated organic product TOPERS which is  water soluble complex fertilizer with available for plants nutrients in active ionic forms which includes   easily soluble liquid product  that are not gels can be obtained.

By dilution with water, these concentrates are brought to the solutions which don’t cause burns as explosion   does. A prototype, held in plastic, unopened containers, in the open air, kept its characteristics during 5 years.

When manure  have  been activated  by pressing and electrolytic dissociation  , solid fraction of excrements can be used as a biological fuel in the forms of  pellets. The  main task for this goal – to decrease mass humidity from 64-72% up to 15-20% of moistening.  Energetic value of dried solid fraction is enough high to use it as the cheap source of energy.

Taking in account unique results of TOPERS applying for crops yield increasing it is possible not only to reduce significantly quantity of mineral fertilizers, but to determine new perspective direction in Nano Bio Technologies using activated organic product TOPERS  for AgroFood Branches optimization.

It is necessary to note separately the next important positive peculiarities  of TOPERS actions  which can provide significant increasing of crops yield and its quality:

  1. Effect of TOPERS on the level of crops yield, biological productivity and production quality on different soil-climatic conditions
  2. Effect of TOPERS on plants nutrition and dry matter accumulation
  3. Effect of TOPERS on the plants photosynthesis and respiration activity
  4. Effect of TOPERS on crops frost resistance and ability of winter plants to renew the spring vegetation
  5. Effect of TOPERS on plants growth under low moisture conditions
  6. Creating of specific TOPERS modifications for separate crops dressing
  7. Improvement of TOPERS using technologies for better results obtaining.

Searching above mentioned questions will allow to make perfect recommendations for successful TOPERS implementation which will have possibility to open new perspective direction for culture plants nutrition optimization without mineral fertilizers using. More over TOPERS production and applying will provide using of organic waste products without any contamination of Environment with possible input in clean energy market.

Professor, Doctor of Science, LLC “TOPERS UKRAINE”, Department of Scientific Research
February 2016