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    “ … In that part of the field where the Topers fertilizer has been made the yield was 45-46 tonnes and 100pcs of potatoes in a bush. But as soon as non treated area started, the yield has fallen to 36-37 tonnes and 60-70pcs … ”

    Zavertalyk Vladimir Filimonovich
    The Head of Dnepropetrovsk experimental station
    of  The Institute of Vegetables and Melons
    Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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    “ … One time I had sowed a wheat after sunflower. Without any rain it had stayed for winter very weak. I wanted to recultivate with a disk harrow in spring but then I have remembered about the complex fertilizer “Topers”. In two weeks the wheat has been distinguished a lot. I am a farmer for 25 years already and it was the first time I have received the wheat of the second class … ”

    Galchenko Grigory
    A Farmer

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    “ … We have processed all wheat crops with Topers complex fertilizer twice and the results are plain to see. We have received whole 2nd-3rd grade despite the fact that we couldn’t put fertilizers in autumn and have put only by 80kg of “cam” in spring. I would like to say thank you for the “Topers”, now we will work only with it! … ”  

    Perebiynis Andrey LeonidovichThe
    Head of Farming Enterprise “Vremia”

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    “ …  Thanks to Topers mineral fertilizers we started to get good profit. The effect of application appears in second day after the treatment, the plants become green and delight for the eye. We have received by 40 hundredweight of wheat without fertilizers using only Topers  … ”

    Ustenko Tatyana Viktorovna
    A Grower

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    “ …  I use the complex mineral fertilizers “Topers” and recommend it to everyone.  “Topers”  is super … ”


    Gergel Nikolay Ivanovich
    A Farmer

Complex water soluble fertilizer – ecophysiological aspects of effectiveness

Kulєshov Mihajlo MikolajovichExperimental scientific investigations of complex water soluble fertilizer “TOPERS”, which have  been  conducted  by official Scientific Institutes of Ukraine, have testified stable positive action of this compound on bioproductive process passing under the growing of culture plants. Partly, using of working solution “TOPERS” (1% concentrate dilution) for crops top dressing in the quantity of  200-400 liters per ha shows sharp positive reaction of plants. Naturally, such evident action needs in understanding of the reasons of such effect and its explanation.

Last achievements of  Natural Sciences testify that according to modern ecophysiological conceptions process of plants production is the result of artificial culture ecosystem functioning with energy and substance intensive exchanging between organisms and its surrounding space. The name of such ecosystem is agroecosystem.  This system is opened  for directed energy  and substance flow with energy saturated protoplasm  synthesis and alienation. In according of such postulate agroecosystem has to have incoming and going out environment.

The main goal of crops growing  is creating of optimal conditions in the place of every agroecosystem  incoming environment for increasing of its productivity and obtaining of maximum quantity of energy saturated energy protoplasm, i.e.  plants production achievement.  For creating of such optimal conditions can be used plants breeding, aerophotohydrothermal factors regulation and directed measures and actions for plants nutrition improvement. As to last points, it is necessary to note  separately that using of mineral and organic fertilizers have a long history. It is so sad but the popularity of these fertilizers using is decreasing along the time passing. It is connected before the all with some ecological and economical problems which take place under the massive fertilizers applying. Never the less the scales of fertilizers using are raising  every year and requires more and more material and financial expenditures. Taking in account above mentioned, it is necessary to search new non traditional approaches, methods and directions for living optimization of green plants using modern ecophysiological nano  level for successful agroecosystem functioning.

It is known that first more important factor for agroecosystem existing is green  plants with its possibility  to create independently energetic organic matter. It allows to include them to the group of autotrophic organisms which are possible to use carbon dioxide, water and photosynthetic active radiation for creating of organic substances. In opposite, there are heterotrophic organisms which use ready organic molecules for own organic matter creating.

Hence, if we will recognize plants development during all time  of vegetation, we will have possibility to determine three following periods which have different types of nutrition: heterotrophic, mezotrophic (hetero-autotrophic ) and autotrophic.

First period, heterotrophic, is beginning from the moment of seed germination in soil and is finished in the time of appearance of seedling on the surface of earth, where active photosynthetic radiation takes place. During this interval of time plants nutrition is provided only due to organic matter accumulated in the seeds. Very weak roots system realizes only water support functions. Absence of photosynthetic activity is the reason of non ability to absorb nutrients both from the soil and from mineral or organic fertilizers which are applied in soil or in   other roots living substance.

Next, second period, heterotrophic (or mezotrophic) is  beginning from the moment  of seedlings appearance on the surface of earth or other roots living substance where sunny (or lights) rays are getting on green vegetative parts of plants. As the result take places  the processes  of  photosynthesis and respiration which provide the ions of hydrogen and bicarbonate creating on the cells membranes. The formation  and  exchange of these ions is necessary condition for absorption of other nutrients from nutrition solution which are useful for plants. Never the less, organic matter, which else occurs in the seeds, continues  to play essential part in plants nutrition. This organic matter provides plants living during enough long time after seedlings appearance depending of common reserves of organic matter in seeds.

Above mentioned period has called critical that means it’s importance  for the success of all next plants vegetation. Non satisfactory conditions for vegetation in this period  is very often the main reason of low crops yield in spite of all efforts that took places during next time. It can be explained due to  some difficulties which do not allow to effect positive on plants growth and development and to provide good adaptation of plants organism. The main reasons of such situation in this period are such  factors as weakly developed root system, weak and non sufficient photosynthetic activity, deficiency of necessary nutrients, unfavorable regime of soil and air temperature. That is why it is very important to have active agro technical methods  which could be support  young plant’s organism  in critical period and to provide it’s painless transition to self existing during enough long autotrophic period.

From this point of view it is possible to note unique possibility of water soluble complex fertilizer TOPERS by means of  tops dressing  to create super comfort  conditions not only for critical period but during all period  of vegetation and photosynthetic plant’s surface formation. Applying of  TOPERS according to methodic of  LLC TOPERS UKRAINE provides activation of plants  growth and development, adaptation to drought and low temperatures, possibility for synthesis of proteins, amino acids, chlorophyll, nucleic acids, adenosine phosphates, ferments, etc. It is observed  the increasing of generative production output and it’s quality characteristic under the high level of nutrients uptake.

It necessary to point separately, that TOPERS using has special importance under the growing of winter crops. Vegetation of such plants occurs mostly in unsatisfactory weather conditions, mainly in autumn, winter and early spring. There are high risks to obtain good seedlings in the autumn, to survive during long cold winter time, to renew normal vegetation under spring incoming for obtaining good planning yield. From this point of view using of TOPERS working solution in the phase of autumn tillering allows not only to avoid significant part of winter risks, but to obtain  satisfactory  status of plants for renewing of spring vegetation. More over, using of TOPERS working solution during spring vegetation gives possibility to provide normal processes of plants  mineral nutrition due to ions exchanging processes which occur on  leaf surfaces. Using on this time nutrient elements from soil almost impossible under very low temperature of soil.

So, by means of TOPERS working solution , it is possible to find optimum solutions  for  problem questions which take place under  winter crops growing using minimum efforts, techniques and expenditures. It is necessary to note that nitrogen fertilizers applying in autumn period can be the main reason of frost resistance decreasing and TOPERS  positive  action destruction. At the same time TOPERS working solution using  in early spring can provide completely crops  needs in nitrogen nutrition as directly as due to soil nitrogen resources.

If to evaluate TOPERS positive effect on green plants living in common, there is possibility to determine most important factors which allow to characterize using of this fertilizer solution as unique means for green plants living optimization during all period of vegetation. Such main achievement  under top dressing using by TOPERS working solution in separate phenological  phases of development can be obtained at the expense of:

  • influence on plant organism on the nano level  using activation of ions exchange processes on the cell membranes under transition of necessary nutrients through membranes in the forms of active ions with following using in bioproductive process;
  • activation of photosynthetic active radiation obtaining and using under the increasing of photosynthetic indices activity , corresponded increasing  of chlorophyll and ferridoxine  concentrations, synthesis of macroergic chemical  bonds in adenosinphosphates molecules under the stimulation of respiration processes due to effect of active cooper cations;
  • formation of zinc containing compounds as auxine and heteroauxine for growth processes stimulation  under the optimal formation of plant organism;
  • increasing of amino acids and proteins molecules formation under the influence of potassium and sulfur active  cations which pass free through plant’s  cells membranes stimulating biosynthesis of proteins compounds using nitrogen of nitrates, ammonium and urea molecules;
  • positive influence of boric containing compounds in the relation of generative organs formation under the stimulation of flowering and fruits formation processes;
  • stimulation of nitrogen fixation processes under legumes growing due to molybdenum positive effect on roots nodules formation and increasing in nodules concentration of  leghemoglobin;
  • activation of oxidation and  redox processes with participation of such poly charged ions as manganese  and iron.

It is understandable that above mentioned factors provide not only optimal occur of  bioproductive processes under normal weather conditions , but very high adapted possibility of plants organism under no satisfactory  stress situations as drought, extreme temperatures or abundant moistening.

That is why TOPERS working solution using is, from the theoretical and practical points of view , unique instrument for comfort medium creation  and flexible plants  adaptation to  environment conditions under cropping in wide scale of natural and economical situations.

Russian version:

Комплексные удобрения — экологически чистая продукция и высокая урожайность растений

Традиционно в сельском хозяйстве для повышения урожайности используют удобрения, которые снабжают растения всеми необходимыми питательными элементами и способствуют скорейшему созреванию. Последние десятилетия применялись органические и минеральные удобрения, но они не могут в полной мере удовлетворить все потребности современного фермера. На сегодняшний день, агрохимический рынок переполнен предложениями удобрение купить в Украине, такими как минеральными, фосфорными, калийными, азотными и др, но все-таки из всего множества, лучшей альтернативой являются комплексные удобрения, которые обладают всеми достоинствами привычных удобрений, но не обладают их недостатками.

На рынке Украины прекрасную репутацию заслужило комплексное удобрение ТОПЕРС® от ведущего отечественного производителя, компании ООО «Топерс». На создание концентрата было потрачено много лет и усилий целой команды специалистов. Продукт создается из органического сырья, которое подлежит минерализации, а после — электролитической диссоциации в водном растворе.

Экологически чистый концентрат содержит все необходимые растениям питательные вещества и микроэлементы в ионной форме. Разбавленный водой ТОПЕРС® прекрасно всасывается вегетативной поверхностью растений, укрепляет иммунитет, обеспечивает интенсивный рост, устойчивость к солнечным лучам. Но важнее всего то, что сельскохозяйственные культуры раньше цветут, быстрее созревают и дают урожай высокого качества. Экологически чистый урожай!

Проверка в государственных лабораториях доказала, что при применении ТОПЕРС® в урожае не содержится опасных для здоровья человека соединений: пестицидов, гербицидов, фосфатов, нитратов. Другие современные минеральные удобрения не могут похвастаться такими показателями. Кроме того, ТОПЕРС® благодаря высоким урожаям и низкому расходу окупается минимум в 10 раз.